The Oregon Trail Worksheet

1. Introduction to the Trail -
           a. Why was the Oregon Trail important?

           b. What about Native Americans along the way?

           c. What were the real problems the settlers faced?

           d. What happened in 1843?

           e. Why did people stop using the Oregon Trail?

2. Lewis and Clark - remember them? Clark was wrong about something. What was it?

3.  Jumping Off -
       a. What was the most popular "jumping off" place?

        b. What food supplies did the settlers  bring?

        c. What kind of wagons did they use?

       d. What are three things that happened when they started their journey?

4. Power - Horse? Mule? Oxen?

     a. What were the advantages and disadvantages of using oxen?

5.  Hardships - List 5 hardships


6. Map of the Oregon Trail - click on each state from east to west and list the major locations
                    in each state and add to your map

7. Check out Fantastic Facts About the Oregon Trail - list 2 facts

8. Trivia Quizzes - 
        Emigrant Road -

9. For fun, check out these terrific web sites about the Oregon Trail:

        Mrs. Renz's Fourth Grade - 

        Mr. Leahy's Fourth Grade Class - Landmarks on the Oregon Trail

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