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National Gallery of Art for Kids -

Metropolitan Museum of Art -

Minneapolis Institute of the Arts -

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston -

Museum of Modern Art - Art Safari -

The Louvre -

Explore Art from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, CA
     Lesson plans for teachers and fun for kids -

Baltimore Museum of Art - 
Matisse for Kids -
       Collection -
       Teacher Resources -

Los Angeles County Museum of Art -

San Diego Museum of Art -
The Collections -

Seattle Art Museum - Learn Online - activities, lessons, games

Art History:

Art History Network -

Art Links on the WWW from Boston College -

Art Sources from Voice of the Shuttle

The Artchive -

Art History Theme Page -

History Link 101 - history of art -

Metropolitan Museum of Art - Explore and Learn -
    Timeline -

Odyssey Online from Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University - 
      Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, 19th-20th Sub-Saharan Africa

Christopher Witcomb -

Learn About Artists:

Artist Indexes -

World Wide Art Resources - Masters and their works

Famous artists -

A. Pintura Art Detective -

Art Projects for Kids:

The Art Zone from NGA - Interactive Art you can make online -

Cleveland Museum of Art -

Dayton Art Institute -

   Teacher resources -

Eyes on Art for teachers:

Inside Art Interactive Online Adventure -

KinderArt -

Museum of Modern Art - make your own art

Projects for Kids from Art Teacher on the Net -

Wacky Kids Make Stuff from Denver Art Museum -

Lesson Plans:

EdSitement Lessons -
Lesson Plans from the San Diego Museum of Art

ArtsEdNet from Getty Museum Lesson Plans by grade level

Teach-nology Lesson Plans -

KinderArt Lesson Plans -
     Art History Lessons -

Art Lesson Plans from Huntsville -

ARTCyclopedia - US Art Museums - lesson plans and activities

Art Teacher on the Net -

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