Thanksgiving on the Internet

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 Activities for Kids of All Ages


1. About Thanksgiving

2. Scholastic Scavenger Hunt -
   Education World Scavenger Hunt -
   Wacona Elementary
A Mayflower and Pilgrim Cyberhunt
   Turkey Hunt
   Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

   Another Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt -

3. Thank You Cards -   
   Cards and Activities -   

       4. Thanksgiving Poetry and Songs and Activities from Disney

       5. Famous Thanksgiving Poems and Songs

       6. Thanksgiving Online Coloring Book
          SurfNet Kids coloring pages -
More Thanksgiving Coloring pages

       7. Thanksgiving Jokes and More jokes and riddles
          Jokes -

       8. How To Say Thank You in 465 Languages

       9. Thanksgiving Word Search to play online or to print
          More word searches -

      10. Turkey Facts -


      11. Thanksgiving Mazes -

      12. Thanksgiving Drag 'N drop Puzzles - very Victorian

      13. Ben and Jerry's paper projects
          New England Village , Barn , plus Victorian house

      14. Thanksgiving Word Puzzles -

      15. Easy Crossword Puzzle online

      16. Thanksgiving Activities 
             Activities from Norbest

      17. Thanksgiving Crafts from Enchanted Learning

      18. The Wampanoag and the Pilgrims - links and activities

      19. Send a Thanksgiving e-card to a relative or friend

      20. History of the Mayflower

      21. Thanksgiving for Kids and Teachers
          Billy Bear 4 Kids -
          Thanksgiving printables

                    Decorations and Crafts -

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