Ultra-cold sodium gas cloud

Amusement Park Physics -   

Baseball Physics -

CLN Instructional Materials in Physics - includes bubbles, kites, sound, and virtual labs

Fear of Physics - Fear of Physics? No Way! -   

Fun Physics Activities

History of Physics -

Jefferson Lab's BEAMS Program - includes Oobleck, atoms and molecules, puzzles, games, and quarks

Little Shop of Physics -    

Motion and Forces experiments -

Physical Science Links for Kids -

Newton's Laws of Motion

Physics Central -  

Physics Lesson Plans from Edmund J. Sass -

he Physics of sports
  Soccer -
           Physics of soccer

  Basketball -

       video -

  Golf -
        Washington Post article

  Skateboarding -

The Physics of Toys
    Physics Toys

Physics Timeline
Another timeline -

What is Physics - 2000?

Science from BBC
     ages 7-11 -

      secondary -

Buckyball Activity -

Food Physics -

Powerpoints, Vocabulary, and Resources -

Physics Lesson Plans -

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