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Earth Science Week - October 12 - 18, 2014
Earth's Connected Systems


General Earth Science Sites:
       Classroom Activities and Lesson Plans -

       Earth Science from NASA at Goddard -
         NASA Science for Educators -

       NASA Science Earth -
         For Kids -


Ames - Earth Science

       Earth Science for Kids Only from NASA - Air Land Water Natural Hazards

       Ten Cool Earth Science sites -

Earth Science Links from The Science Spot

       CyberSleuth Earth Science for Kids

       Internet Links for Earth Sciences from Central Michigan University

       Earth Science links from Houghton Mifflin

       Geology Link from Houghton Mifflin for older students

       Earthquake and Volcano Resources from the Exploratorium

      NIEHS Pages for Kids -
 for Space and Earth Science -
      Geology for Kids -
      The Magic School Bus Explores the Earth

       North Dakota Volcano site - Volcano World

         Kids' Door to Volcano activities - includes legends

Volcano Models that you can build -
         Teachers -

Volcanoes from COTF -

       Volcano websites from the Franklin Institute

       Volcano Webquests

       Annenberg/CPB volcano site


       USGS Volcano pages

       Volcano site from Dartmouth - The Electronic Volcano

       Types of Volcanoes from USGS

       How Volcanoes Work

       The Magic Schoolbus Volcanoes
       Michigan Tech Volcanoes Page

       Volcano Watch from Hawaii Volcano Observatory

       Global Volcanism Project

      Volcano Cams from Around the World
      Websites about Krakatoa


      Earthquake Information Center
         Recent earthquakes -

      Earthquakes for Kids

      Earthquake Info

      Ask-A-Geologist from USGS

      Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker - plate tectonics

      Classroom of the Future - plate tectonics

      Earthquake Myths and Folklore plus more

      Earthquake websites from the Franklin Institute

      Understanding Earthquakes - quiz, globe, famous accounts, animation, and web sites

      Earthquake Data from around the world


      Earthquakes in New Hampshire - includes fault sketch and Richter table

     Global Seismology and Geomagnetism Group from Great Britain

     Earthquake maps

          Seismicity Map of the United States by region

     ***New Hampshire Seismicity info and map


Water and Ice:

Tsunami sites:

USGS Tsunamis and Earthquakes
     Tsunami Basics -
Franklin Institute Online

The Physics of Tsunamis
USGS Pacific Northwest Tsunamis -
National Geographic Society

 USC Tsunami Research Group
 Savage Earth from PBS
 Time magazine photoessay -,29307,2092761,00.html

West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
     The Physics of a tsunami
CBC News
 BBC pages

 Australian government
 National Weather Service and
 National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program

Tsunami Lesson Plans:
Discovery School -

Science Education Partnerships (SEPS) Corvallis School District

New York Times Lesson Plans

        National Geographic Society Expeditions Lessons
         Tsunami simulation -

         Community Learning Network -

Edgate Tsunami Links -

         Science Netlinks - Know What to Do -
                          Science of a Tsunami -

Glaciers and Snow sites:

      Search for Ice and Snow - Segway - Alan Gould

      Ice Sheets and Glaciers
       Pictures of Glaciers - takes a while to load
      Glaciers from UVM

      Cryosphere from Rice University
      Glaciers - study activity sheets by Marilyn Nichols from Arizona

      Glaciers and Glaciation
      Glacier - National Snow and Ice Data Center including the Life of a Glacier

      Mrs. Mitchell's Class Page on Glaciers

      Web page about snow and snowflakes - with science and reading links

Rocks and Minerals:
Rocks for kids -

      Rocks from the BBC -

      Mineral Matters -

      Rocks and Minerals for Kids Thinkquest -

      Rocks and Minerals from Mineralology 4 Kids

      RockHounding -
       Basics -
       Ask Mikey -

      Rock Hounds with Rocky -

      Rockhounding Booklet from British Columbia (Adobe Acrobat needed)

      Minerals, Crystals, and Gems from the Smithsonian

      Mrs. Mitchell's Rocks and Geology -
      Earth Science Links -


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