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Gardens Connecting A Community


Here is an article that will be in the 2011 Sanbornton Town Report:



OH WHAT A BOUNTY! came from the community gardens this year. The original 9 gardens grew to 13 raised beds, an “earth box,” and two “potato bags.”
In addition to the beds we also added approximately a dozen new varieties of vegetables. Just like most who visit our garden we also continue to learn new
gardening practices from our experimentation. This year’s great additions were the earth box, potato bags, trellis’ and compost bins.

The produce was distributed though out the community to approximately 10 families, many of them offering to assist in the garden by watering, weeding,
 planting or just visiting. We welcome seniors from our community to share in the produce coming from our gardens and are planning new ways, to make distribution easy for all.

In addition to the gardens themselves, our Cooperative Extension Master Gardener group sponsored several workshops at the library through out the growing season. 
Including: Raised Bed & Container Gardening and Arugula - The Art of Composting - Visit to the Garden during Old Home Day
                                     Community Gardens (as an example to other communities) - Canning and Preserving Your Fresh Produce - Growing Garlic

 We want to THANK, a number of individuals for their assistance with this “growing” project.  Cab Vinton and the Library Staff, Kelly McAdam Ag. Educator for Belknap County,
Paul Tierney, Ralph & Kris Rathjen, Milly Shaw, Chuck Mitchell, Steve Ober and the Winnisquam Regional High School Teachers on their “ Community Volunteer Day.”
Thanks to the teachers the beds were “put to bed” and compost was added to make them ready for the first signs of spring in 2012.


We look forward to the upcoming growing season: new vegetables, bigger compost bins and of course larger harvest.  Look for our spring offering
 at the library;
  How To Create Your Own Earth Box!”  Our one earth box last season produced dozens and dozens of fresh green peppers on 4 plants!

For more information on how to be a part of this community project, you can contact Karen Ober 286-9995 or

You can also view the progress from the beginning of the garden creation at:

 Happy Growing!

Karen Ober for the Community Garden Group

Kathi Mitchell, Karen Firmin, Sharon Trothier, Nellie Grant, Mary Tierney


For more details:

Sanbornton Public Library announcement



Winnisquam Echo - April 1, 2010

Sanbornton Town Report - May 2010