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Gardens Connecting A Community

   A summer garden with its fresh tomatoes, green beans, and ever- abundant zucchini makes us feel a connection with the earth as well as with each other.

   Fresh vegetables appeal to young and old, rich and poor, and everyone in between. Current economic conditions are encouraging more people to consider growing vegetables. Learning new ways to garden in small spaces and with less effort is even more interesting to people who are growing vegetables for the first time. Also, there are seniors who remember having gardens in the past and who would relish the chance to do some weeding or watering in return for a taste of a fresh tomato.

  For the last two summers, Master Gardeners from the Sanbornton, NH area started this special project to grow fresh vegetables for a local food pantry.
The gardeners developed raised beds behind the Sanbornton Public Library and were available at Sanbornton's Old Home Day to talk with anyone who was interested or curious about some of the different aspects of raised bed gardening.

  This summer (2012) the project will continue as the gardeners bring what they have learned from their experiences to a new summer adventure. In addition to new veggies, there will be a chance to learn more about container gardening.

  More details will become available as the season progresses. Information can be found at the Sanbornton Public Library, at the town's website, at this site, or by calling Karen Ober at 286-9995. Keep a look-out for what's happening.

                                 Schedule of Activities for 2012
to be held at the Sanbornton Public Library)

                                      Planting plan for 2012 garden

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